Aura Deepa

Monday, 19 August 2019

Aura Deepa

About Deepa

Deepa R the Founder of AURADEEPA, She is a highly skilled experienced and certified graphologist, Spiritual healer and Tarot Card Reader. She has a vast experience in the field of Handwriting analysis, Holistic reading like Human Aura reading, Tarot card reading with meditation and Healing Techniques to focus completely on empowering people in their professional and personal lives.

Although she is highly skilled from intense study and practice, Deepa firmly believes that where the focus is on the importance of meditation as the initial step to self-discovery.

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Her journey in the path of spirituality began with her passion towards Occult Science in the age of 12years, hence with her experience she is helping the people in understanding the ways to tap the full potential of human mind. That are proven to bring out excellence in people’s abilities and performance. While maintaining a good balance of professional and personal life to rejuvenate and rediscover their life passion and living the dream life with ease and peace.

Her aim is to provide people with as much of information that need to walk away, feeling clearer, stronger and lighter, and even more in tune with right path and purpose. Her Tarot predictions aim to provide a clear vision and act as an inspirational source for a bright future.


She provides her expertise for the individuals who wish to discover themselves, understand the processes that motivate them and learn how to promote more fulfilling and purposeful life

She is a Reiki Master too, She is dedicated to spread this profoundly beautiful healing system through her Reiki Healing She balances the human Aura and Remove the negative energies and bring in the positive one to manifest a certain richness in their lives. She was working as a graphologist at the Star wonder Handwriting for many years .She has also analysed the Handwriting samples of couples for checking their compatibility and thereby providing insightful knowledge of their partner to understand each other better..

She also Provides her Expertise in Graphology and the signature analysis and Holistic reading in a unique way by combining all the reading like Tarot card reading, Aura reading , Pendulum reading depending on the Situation for a wide variety of clients, including businessmen, employer, Students and human resource officers, professional etc.

She is Currently working in Semiconductor Domain, She works for the Company at the Eximius Design as the Physical Design Engineer in the field of VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated circuits).

She had done A Graduation in Bachelor of Engineering (BE), in Electronics and communication branch from "HKBK College of Engineering" VTU University, Bangalore.

She is a Post Graduate, Masters of Engineering (MTECH) in “VLSI Design and Embedded Systems from “CMR Institute of Technology” in Bangalore.