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Monday, 19 August 2019

Aura Deepa


Graphology is the science of understanding the human mind through person’s handwriting and Signature. Indicating psychological state at the time of writing, or evaluating personality characteristics.

Graphology is a scientific method of personality assessment based on the research that has been carried out. Analysis of Handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. In the medical field it can be used to refer to the study of Handwriting as an aid in diagnosis and tackling of diseases of the brain and nervous system.

A person's handwriting - the script - and its placing on the page express the unique impulses of the individual: Brain generate impulses and passes these impulses to your hand. These impulses get imprinted on paper or on writing media through the Pen by the fingers. These impulses can be in the form of letters, numbers and Symbols - are interpreted by the technique called as Handwriting Analysis and the science behind it known as the graphology.

Aura Deepa

Graphology can provide an exhaustive evaluation of an individual’s character. It can reveal the present dormant or hidden attributes in persons than with traditional screening methods would go unnoticed and untapped. It can also help us to gauge an individuals characteristics in various areas like loyalty, ambition, logic, decision making, motivation, memory, concentration, interpersonal skills and physical health.

Graphology evaluation can also help detect motivation that stands behind behavior and reactions and through these assist couples to get to know each other better. Graphology is an amazing tool that allows us to deepen our inner insight when it is used wisely and carefully. The art of writing is movement of series of gestures involving rhythm, speed, pressure.

Graphology is referred to as "writing of brain" the process brings when muscular movements involved in writing are controlled by the central nervous system. The form of the resultant writing movement is modified by the flexibility assembles co-ordinature structure in the hand, which creates a personal one of the kind, Handwriting is similar to a fingerprint.

Using graphology we can know a person's mind so the thoughts, character, behaviour, mental and physical health and helps in few scenarios as below.

  • Knowing your real strengths will put the centre of control in your own hands.

  • Your handwriting holds the proof of your strengths that will help you to believe in yourself.

  • You'll find clues to new talents and aptitudes in your handwriting that you may never have considered before.

  • You'll gain an understanding of the methods you use to deal with your problems

  • You will be able to see yourself as others really see you.

  • Graphology is used for following things,

    • Understand yourself much better

    • Child development

    • Career Selection

    • Selecting Life-Partner

    • Selecting Business Partner

    • Employee Selection / Recruitments

    • Criminology

    • Graph therapy


Your signature also provides the graphologist with a better picture of your personality than any description of your character could do. A Signature contains the one or more of the elements that is first name, last name, and additions.

But each and every signature of an individual is entirely different. No one taught you how to sign your name nor did anyone choose a signature after many experiments and doodles.Try to imagine a world without signature the society as we know it would cease to exist above all the signature symbolizes the real you, your inner self, your ego.

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Your signatures undergoes many changes as the time passes although your signature basically remains the same, you never sign your name twice exactly the same manner even during the same period of time. If a Lawyer shows in court that two signatures are exactly identical the court may decide that this is sufficient proof that one of them is forgery. Your signature is accepted in today’s world as your personal representation your signatures on a cheque change it from a piece of paper into money. A judge's signature can send someone to jail for life. A Governor signature may save a persons from the electric chair. A psychiatrists signatures may determine whether someone will live in society or be hospitalized. Partnerships take effect only after all the partners have signed. Billions of dollars may change hands on the strength of a few scribbled letters .

Graphology of SachinTendulkar Signature

Sachin has emotions but also the capacity to keep them in control. He will get slightly swayed by emotional situations, but judgment will always prevail. Like any normal person, he to gets hurt if anyone were to criticize him, but here the pain will be with regard to any comment passed on his personality, that is his height, way of dressing, walking, talking etc. So if Sachin is laughing when people are mimicking him, don’t be taken in by that smile, he is hurting inside but unable to express it out. Sachin is a positive person and looks at the bright side of any situation. he has leadership qualities, he will take up the task with enthusiasm. However it would benefit him more to underline his signature properly, i.e that line beneath the signature shouldn't just fade away.

The circle around the signature, partial or complete, has two meanings. The writer may be protective about his near and dear ones or may be fearful of the environment. The circle is like a protective shield. We can see a semi- circle in his signature. He is a person who has an healthy ego, but cannot take someone’s authority over him. He may not show it out, but the pressure building up inside will release itself elsewhere. We also know that he is ambidextourous (which means that he can use both hands with ease). As you can see in the picture, he is signing with the left hand. Such people will be very creative and think of new ways of tackling situations. It is no crime in being left handed and you analyze the handwriting just in the same way as you would do for a right handed one or even when a person has used only his mouth to write. This is because handwriting is nothing but brain writing and so whatever you write on the paper speaks for itself.

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Graphology of Amir Khan Signature

As an actor, Aamir Khan is surely incredible. Some of the movies he acted in are my favourites too. However, I wanted to know him beyond his acting, at a deeper level; to understand the real face behind many reel personas.People know him as an accomplished and versatile actor. What he does on the screen is for everyone to see. Here, I’ll disclose those chapters of his life, which very few know about. It’s mere an attempt to know him through his handwriting without being judgmental. So, permit me, Aamir, to strip you for your millions of fans. Here we go:

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Aamir, the first thing I notice in your handwriting is that most of your decisions in life are taken by your heart. You are a very, very sentimental person with broad range of emotions — from extreme highs to absolute lows. You feel every emotional situation intensely. In one moment you are too happy and then after some time, without reasons not even known to you, you feel utterly low and end up exhausting yourself emotionally. You find these mood swings very disturbing and at times you feel that you can’t produce anything anymore. That’s when you go back to your shell for some time, recharge yourself in solitude and come out with more ideas and strength.ou may have observed in your life that you have a get-it-done-now-and-worry-later attitude, which has landed you in several emotional troubles. You are too quick in anything related to emotions. Be it anger, love, passion or even jealousy. And then comes delayed realisation and you hear these sentences echoing in your mind: “I shouldn’t have said that. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have thought about it before doing… blah, blah.”

lot more could be said about you, Aamir. But I think it’s enough for the moment. Despite all this, you’re a wonderful actor and I won’t worry about any of the things mentioned above till I am required to deal with you at a personal level. At that point, I will surely use graphotherapy to suggest you a few changes in handwriting. One of them would be: take out the loops from your d’s and t’s. It will help you deal with your sensitivity.

Graphology of Priyanka Chopra Signature

Priyanka Chopra the undisputed super star of bollywood had initially aspired to study engineering or psychiatry, she accepted offers to join the Indian film industry, which came as a result of her pageant wins, making her Hindi film debut in The Hero in 2003. She has an interesting and a diverse personality. Lets take a sneak-peak into what her signature revels about her.Her first letter ‘P’ indicates a strong desire for responsibility, what this really means is that she wants to be important, but with more people, with a larger group. If there is not much responsibility entrusted upon her she can become a troublemaker. This is a trait that makes people think that she is arrogant. She has a need to get things done, an inner desire to do a big job. People with this trait are defined as the ‘doers’ and the ‘movers’. She will not end up doing one job for a long time, In her life change is happiness and fulfillment.

Her letter ‘y’ is really interesting. She is an extremely determined person but this determination only lasts for a shot period of time. She will be highly benefited by taking short term projects as she demands variety. The wide loop in the letter y also indicate that her physical drives are strong. Signature AnalysisShe has a great ability to give beautiful reasons for things happening or not happening in her life. This trait is called self-deceit. It is used as a defense mechanism, she will rationalize that whatever she wants to believe is true. She actually uses only the facts that she needs to fit the situation, forgetting all other facts. Woks well in her case as it is used to escape scoops!

It is extremely difficult to get close to her however, what really catches her attention is spirituality. Yes, she seeks to go deeper in understanding the meaning of life and learn about the forces that control it. An interesting conversation with her on this area can really draw her interest and attention.

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Most of the work that Deepa R does revolves around Handwriting, Graphology and Signature. Deepa believes that each of these disciplines is a science in itself and plays an important role in determining the personality traits of an individual.

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Handwriting is a subconscious act and is a key to one's personality. Handwriting analysis can identify the subconscious and conscious variations happening within oneself. It is a wonderful and a useful scientific tool for understanding personality, predicting behavior and even in selecting the right employee or mate. The individuality shown in a page of handwriting tells more about a person than he may know himself. A persons Handwriting is an X-ray photograph of his/her inner self, tasks, mental process, maturity, vocational aptitudes and cultural desires, innermost desires, emotional outlays, goods, deepest fears and defenses and even their sex drives.

This is not fortune telling and hence the age, race, gender, religion etc cannot be determined through Handwriting. Nationality does not enter the picture of Handwriting and also whether a person is left handed or right handed and even pencil or pen was held in the hand between the toes or in the mouth cannot be revealed in Handwriting, since Handwriting is Brain Writing.

Handwriting analysis is used in many fields for personality outlines, in-depth analysis, preparing compatibility reports based upon the Handwriting samples of two peoples. During childhood, we learn to write cursive by copying the same models of letters just as a little bit differently and over a period of time and with use those differences becomes more pronounced. By the time we are teenagers, our ability to write is automatic. As adults our Handwriting is unique to each of us. As we age our Handwriting changes under stress with different health issues etc and continues to evolve and change right up to the day we die.

Handwriting is so unique, no two Handwriting samples by two different writers are ever exactly the same no matter how similar they may appear to be on the surface.

Handwriting analysis may be able to assist you with;

  • Getting to know yourself better.

  • Improving your relationships with family and friend.

  • YImproving your performance on job.

  • Emphasizing your positive attributes.

  • Eliminating the negative personality traits that may be holding you back.

  • Discovering new hobbies, interest or even a new career.