Aura Deepa

Monday, 19 August 2019

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After visiting Aura Deepa, life had entirely changed for me as it was like a rebirth for me. All my life has changed to a new era as everything goes well after visiting and getting advice from Deepa. Thank you so much Deepa for giving me a new innings in my life. Vikas Gowda
Senior Manager, Infotechnologies
Koramangala, Bangalore
A strong, centered aura can bring many magical experiences into your life. I had one such experience a few years ago. Shrikanth
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I just want you to know that in the 16 years I have been going to Aura , these past few days were so different. You gave us all the freedom to be ourselves and to trust in ourselves - thank you your gentle wisdom and understanding. Anil
Civil Engineer
Yelahanka, Bangalore
May I say what a wonderful course you have provided for all of us, a truly magical experience – you took us to the very essence of what the consultation is about – simplicity coupled with a dignified and empathic silence within a sacred space. This has been the very best course I have ever attended Ankitha
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I am always recalling everything I learned from your class. What I experienced in three days really encourage me. I have been enjoying and relaxed in consultation for my friend since then. I think your class made everything that I had learned about Aura unified. So I am really happy. Thank you so much. Text
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